Meet the Editors 2020-21: Hannah Fraser

Hannah is a sophomore dual majoring in Intercultural Competencies and Inclusive Childhood Education. She grew up in Budapest, Hungary as a missionary kid, and now she’s in Houghton drinking London Fogs and waiting for time to work on a novel. She grew up on Star Wars and The Hobbit, and her love for these has aged well. The first poem she ever memorized was The … Continue reading Meet the Editors 2020-21: Hannah Fraser

Meet the Editors 2020-21: Ally Stevick

Ally Stevick is a senior dual majoring in Math and English. But before that she was a little girl growing up in Houghton, reading old issues of The Lanthorn in the library, and dreaming of publishing her own poetry some day. Now she’s happy to be serving on the editorial staff for the second year, and super excited for what’s coming this year! Ally blames … Continue reading Meet the Editors 2020-21: Ally Stevick

Medley of Emotions

  Today’s featured poet is relatively new to the Lanthorn, so everyone please welcome Jakob Knudsen! Jakob is a sophomore at Houghton from Watertown, New York, and he’s studying Writing. Jakob says that his favorite poet is Robert Frost, who he’s come to appreciate more and more as he’s continued to read his works. However, his favorite poem is “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold. Jakob … Continue reading Medley of Emotions

“Shiny People”

Today we’re featuring one of our esteemed poets, EunJin (Grace) Kwak! EunJin is a junior at Houghton studying Math and Adolescence Education, and she’s originally from Cameroon. Lately, she’s been reading a lot of Neil Hilborn, and she really likes his two poetry collections: The Future and Our Numbered Days. EunJin says that a lot of her inspiration comes from bursts of inspiration that can come even at … Continue reading “Shiny People”