“A Difference of Taste” by Megan Brown

A Difference in Taste By: Megan Brown Once upon a time, there was a boy named Everett. He sat two easels over in my Introduction to Oil Painting class and never failed to bring coffee with him to the studio. He carried it in an abstract travel mug one of his friends must have made him. The mug had a handprint where he could hold … Continue reading “A Difference of Taste” by Megan Brown

Trains of Thought

For our February 2019 edition, we asked our lovely writers and artists to send in their poems, short stories, and artwork that relate to the people who have influenced their lives. One of our favorite submissions was a short story that came from Samantha Moore, a junior majoring in English and Writing, while also minoring in Art and Communications. Samantha’s story is one of loss … Continue reading Trains of Thought

“In Pursuit of Paper”

Our next literary work is by senior writing major Anna Schilke. Anna’s short story was too long to print in the upcoming issue of The Lanthorn, so we are sharing this non-fiction short story with you online. Anna says of her work, I wrote “In Pursuit of Paper” around themes of tangibility and permanence. In this season of life, most of my time is spent working … Continue reading “In Pursuit of Paper”

A Hasty Decision…

We’re very excited to be featuring short stories written by students in our physical editions again! This is something we’ve worked for a long time to bring back, and we’ve been happy to feature our first short story in a few years! Our featured story today is “Nick’s Wedding” by Grace Sommons. Grace told us that she was asked to write a short story for … Continue reading A Hasty Decision…