“Shiny People”

Today we’re featuring one of our esteemed poets, EunJin (Grace) Kwak! EunJin is a junior at Houghton studying Math and Adolescence Education, and she’s originally from Cameroon. Lately, she’s been reading a lot of Neil Hilborn, and she really likes his two poetry collections: The Future and Our Numbered Days. EunJin says that a lot of her inspiration comes from bursts of inspiration that can come even at … Continue reading “Shiny People”

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In His Hands

Today we’re featuring another artist from our latest edition, Sharayah “Ray” Werner! Ray is a transfer senior at Houghton, majoring in Inclusive Childhood Education with a concentration in Art. Originally from Fairport, New York, Ray transferred into Houghton, and is graduating in December. Ray says that her favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, for how he went through some very difficult times yet still managed … Continue reading In His Hands

Living Ink

Today we’re featuring one of our repeated contributors, Jonathan Durbin! Jon is a fourth-year student at Houghton, studying Applied Physics and recently added a major in Data Science. He is from Hampstead, North Carolina, and in case you hadn’t figured it out, he’s the older brother of our very own editor, Erica Durbin. Jon’s favorite poem is “Out Beyond Ideas” by Rumi, and he says … Continue reading Living Ink

Trains of Thought

For our February 2019 edition, we asked our lovely writers and artists to send in their poems, short stories, and artwork that relate to the people who have influenced their lives. One of our favorite submissions was a short story that came from Samantha Moore, a junior majoring in English and Writing, while also minoring in Art and Communications. Samantha’s story is one of loss … Continue reading Trains of Thought