Meet the Editors 2020-21: Ally Stevick

Ally Stevick is a senior dual majoring in Math and English. But before that she was a little girl growing up in Houghton, reading old issues of The Lanthorn in the library, and dreaming of publishing her own poetry some day. Now she’s happy to be serving on the editorial staff for the second year, and super excited for what’s coming this year!

Ally blames her love of poetry on her dad, for reading T.S. Eliot to her when she was only six. Despite reading many other poets since then, Eliot remains her favorite to this day. Ally loves lions, cephalopods, the color red, autumn leaves, jazz music, sausage, elegant proofs, spiders, martial arts, going for walks, listening to audiobooks with her little brothers, watching movies with her family, hoarding notebooks, and other things too numerous to mention. In her free time Ally likes to write, paint, and stare passionately into empty space. If you see her around campus feel free to stop her if you want to talk about literature or hear an apologetic on why math actually is a lot of fun.

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