In His Hands

Today we’re featuring another artist from our latest edition, Sharayah “Ray” Werner! Ray is a transfer senior at Houghton, majoring in Inclusive Childhood Education with a concentration in Art. Originally from Fairport, New York, Ray transferred into Houghton, and is graduating in December.

Ray says that her favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, for how he went through some very difficult times yet still managed to find beauty in the world around him. She finds inspiration for her work everywhere; she likes to just sit and observe the world around her. With her disabilities, she says, it can be difficult to feel like a part of that world, so she tends to look for the beauty in it that others might miss.

When talking about the art of hers featured in our latest issue, she had this to say:

The hands started out as something I tried to drawback in 9th grade. At the time I was not a super artist or even taking any art classes. It was just something I did to help me work through my emotions. I felt like my world was falling apart and in pieces. But even in the crazy I kept getting this image of God holding me in his hands, protecting me, catching all the little pieces. Last year I came across my sketches from school and thought… “Well I’m a better artist now. Let’s see if I can’t improve this.” So I took some time and this final piece was born! It was a pain, but I think it was worth it.

Check out Ray’s artwork here, and be sure to take a look in our February 2019 edition as well!


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