Living Ink

Today we’re featuring one of our repeated contributors, Jonathan Durbin! Jon is a fourth-year student at Houghton, studying Applied Physics and recently added a major in Data Science. He is from Hampstead, North Carolina, and in case you hadn’t figured it out, he’s the older brother of our very own editor, Erica Durbin. Jon’s favorite poem is “Out Beyond Ideas” by Rumi, and he says that he finds inspiration for his own poems by keeping his eyes open for different perspectives for concepts that he doesn’t often think about.

When talking about his poem in our most recent edition, “To My Future,” Jon had this to say:

In my poem in the recent Lanthorn edition, I tried to capture the emotions behind fatherhood. I tried to write about different metaphors showing what it might be like to “pass on the torch” to my son/daughter.

You can take a look at Jon’s poem here, or check it out in our latest February 2019 edition. Thank you, Jon, for your inspirational poetry!

To My Future

By: Jonathan Durbin

You’ll live and you’ll die
Like a train you’ll push on
Like a flower
Bloom and
Catch God’s eye
You’ll write hundreds of chapters
In living ink
Reflecting through your penmanship
The love of so many others

You never need to be alone
You can hold my hand
When the dark is too big
As a guiding lighthouse
I’ll cut through the night
And on sunny days
You’ll sneak a peak at the sun
Through your fingers
You will complete my life
Writing in sloppy, cursive love
Finishing the chapters of my book

And when I leave you alone
You’ll take someone else’s hand
Like a kite
Fly to new skies
Show them the sun
Through your carbon wings
And like a poet
They’ll scribble love
In the pages of your own book
Until they carefully finish
Your final chapter

So hold on
To the hands you pass down
Remember mine
Keep my book safe
And I’ll keep yours

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