By now, if you’ve seen our February 2019 edition, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful art that adorns the front cover. It depicts a gallery scene, with people coming and going, in and out. We loved this piece because it captures what we were trying to accomplish with this latest issue: exploring our relationships with the people who come in and out of our lives.

The art was submitted by Seoyoung Je, and we couldn’t be happier with the contributions she’s made to this edition! Seoyoung is a senior studying Studio art and minoring in Psychology. She was born in South Korea, but grew up in both Uganda and Kenya. Seoyoung has been contributing to The Lanthorn for a few years now, and we’re always astounded with the amazing art she produces!

When asked to talk about the inspiration behind her art, Seoyoung had this to say:

The alchemy and materiality of painting borders transcendence. Light and silence in the midst of movement between places and time are an assemblage of an anatomy; they are my deja vu and Absolute presence. Louis Kahn’s lecture on ‘Light and Silence’ is recommended as well as Egon Schiele’s drawings of hands.

Huge thanks to Seoyoung and all of our artists for their hard work in helping us make our February 2019 edition possible! Check out the cover art piece, as well as some more of Seoyoung’s work, below:

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