Growth from the Earth

As we edit and publish the poems from our contributors, we always love to get a variety or perspectives and viewpoints in the works we exhibit. Seeing the ways in which our fellow students, and fellow humans, interact with the world is one of our favorite parts of working on the Lanthorn staff. We get windows into the lives of so many different people, and we love the fact that we get to share that with all of you.

One of these poems is “On Growth,” by Ky’Asia Blanchard. The poem’s title matches up with our theme of growth quite well. But every time we read it, we find we get more and more out of it than our first read-through. We asked Ky’Asia a little bit about the poem, and this is what she had to say about it:

I wrote my last poem while drawing a tree and watching “Nappily Ever After” on Netflix! It was a real time reaction to character development and a reflection on my own growth.

Check out our latest edition for a physical copy of her poem, or read it here:

On Growth

By: Ky’Asia Blanchard


When your skin

Is the color of the earth

Growth comes naturally.

And in this time,

my skin accepts

my growth,

my journey,

my love

For this earth colored skin.

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