A Light in the Woods

Artwork is something we’ve been looking to feature on our website for a while. Now that we actually have a website, we’ve been excited to share the artwork that’s been submitted to us for our latest issue.

Today’s featured artwork is by Kara Christy! Kara created the cover for our September 2018 issue, as well as some of the inside artwork. When describing her inspiration for the cover art, “In the Light,” Kara said:

The piece that I painted on the cover was a particularly special moment where the wind was blowing and a small ray of light came through the woods and hit this small tree so magically. I painted through the window of my friend’s house, all cozy and realizing how far I’ve come as a person in the last few years.

You can check out Kara’s artwork here, or look it up in our September 2018 edition!

(From left: “In the Light,” “Still Growing,” and “In Season”)

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