A Hasty Decision…

We’re very excited to be featuring short stories written by students in our physical editions again! This is something we’ve worked for a long time to bring back, and we’ve been happy to feature our first short story in a few years!

Our featured story today is “Nick’s Wedding” by Grace Sommons. Grace told us that she was asked to write a short story for a class that represented the possibility of change. She settled on a long moment of silence during her cousin’s wedding, and decided to explore the darker undertones of what such a silence might mean. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but we can say that she’s done a great job exploring this theme!

If you’d like to read Grace’s short story, you can read it right here. Be sure to check it out in our latest edition, too!

“Nick’s Wedding”

By: Grace Sommons

“If any of you have a reason why these two should not wed speak now or forever hold your peace,” the minister started the ceremony as everyone settled in. But there was something different this time: the pause was elongated to a dramatic degree.

This moment haunts me now when I think of my cousin’s wedding. What thoughts were spinning around the cheerily decorated sanctuary during that ominous pause?

He’s too young to get married, only twenty.

What does he see in her? She is quiet and not spectacularly beautiful.

Am I really ready to get married to this man? How well do I really know him? How well do I really know myself?

I wonder why the pastor is taking so long to move on? I’m ready to marry the heck out of this woman.

The atmosphere seemed heavy with tension, with suspicions left unvoiced, with secret desires of seeing some drama unfold. Wouldn’t it have been a great story to tell if someone did stand up and object? Or better yet, what if I was the one to object? I caught myself from going too far and pulled my mind back into the world of alert consciousness. I wondered if I was the only one who wanted something startlingly extraordinary to happen in that moment.

Finally, the pastor moved on with the rest of his script and Nick, ever the jokester, pretended to wipe his brow in relief. Little did he know that his wife would one day let go of the peace she vowed to hold.

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