The Sojourner Within

Welcome to our first post ofThe Lanthorn website! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re so excited to begin sharing the work of our wonderful Houghton writers and artists here. You may notice the cover photograph – the work of Houghton student Marcus Mena.

We’ll start off by sharing the work of first-time poet Maggie Clune. Maggie spent her last semester studying in Tanzania, which inspired her to write this beautiful piece. As editors, we decided to put this poem at the beginning of the September issue because it seamlessly flows into our theme of growth.

“Masumbo (Water flowing over the rocks)”

Maggie Clune

I grounded my feet
In the African dirt,
The unknown earth
Keeping me from my past,
Allowing me in the present.

I was set loose
To run along the rocks,
I was free—

To find place
And let the wilderness take over,
To walk among my mistakes
And let the breeze call my name.

The sojourner within called out in response,
But I let the water take me.
See it, flowing over the rocks,
Giving wildness new meaning.

The current sweeps me off my feet—
I fight, afraid of the future that calls.
The waters wear me down,
Forming me into the African mud,
Sculpting strength, courage,
Creating new life within me.

I ride the current, into destiny,
Not afraid. Not destroyed.
Beautifully healed.
Joyfully free.


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